First project

Could be small so we can use it as a learning curve


Annual projects

The Christmas Food appeal, a national Lions project that has been organised by the clubs all over Ireland.


Service projects

Dress For Success


LCIF (Lions Clubs International Foundation)

As well as the local dimension, Lions clubs observe their international obligation by supporting such third world projects as Sight First. The Club also subscribes to LCIF, Lions Clubs International Foundation, which in case of emergency or disaster can raise over $100million rapidly for a specific sudden need anywhere in the world.


The future

The national economy has made significant advances in recent years and commentators often state that we now enjoy close to full employment. Be that as it may, it is clear that the rising economic prosperity has not extended to everyone and real hardship is still a reality for many people.  The Lions Club is not the only local organisation devoted to helping those in need. It cooperates with many such groups and, with the help of the generosity of sponsors and supporters, it plans to continue its good work into the future.